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Services to Academic and Research & Development Institutions

Power system studies , analysis are part of the standard engineering curriculum. In the good old days of 1970’s and early 1980’s access to computers was not available to all the professionals. The advent of PC’s and development of PC based power system analysis software have enabled incorporation of the power system analysis as part of laboratory exercises in academic institutions.

PowerApps is specially equipped with special features for academic institutions by providing reports of various calculations as intermediate outputs of the algorithm. PowerApps software can be customized to meet specific requirements, features needed for academic institutions. Further, the class libraries of the PowerApps software can be provided on license and with documentation to academic community for development works in the form of DLL files. These DLL files represent the class libraries called Power Foundation Classes[PFC], based on which the power system analysis algorithms of PowerApps is developed.

The source codes of the PowerApps developed using PFC DLL file and C++ can also be provided academic institutes on license and with necessary documentation and technical support. This will enable students to familiarize with aspects of algorithm design, structure and enable them to undertake similar development work as part of their projects.

Special requirements from academic institutes can be communicated to the PowerApps development team and the development team will incorporate these requirements in subsequent releases of the PowerApps software. The new releases of PowerApps can be obtained by Academic institutions, by paying appropriate fees.

We offer special license fees to Academic institutions and Research and Development Institutes. We also undertake specific course designs as needed by our clients in this segment

Mail your questions, enquiries to raghunatha@powerapps.org