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Real Time Security Assessment and Remedial Action Solution
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Real Time Security Assessement and Remedial Action Solution

Modern power systems are large and complex and needs tools and facilities for continuous secure, reliable and economic operation. In the event of contingencies, it is necessary that the continuity of quality power is ensured by minimizing the disruptions in system operation. Power system operators in energy control centers/ load dispatch centers, who manage power systems get the first level of information from SCADA – through periodically telemetered measurements of the network flows and other measured operating conditions. Since some of these measurements are prone to errors, due to failure in telemetry, corruption in communication, noise, erroneous measurements, probabilistic statistical state estimation techniques have been developed to filter out gross errors and to present the operator most probabilistic system operating state. For all practical purposes industry takes the state estimation output as the basis for system evaluation and to determine further operating strategies.

One of the requirement for the safe and reliable operation of the power systems is that the system should be stable in the event of single credible contingency. In the past this aspect was evaluated using the contingency ranking and contingency evaluation using static analytical tools. Both these tools used static AC load flow techniques to assess the system security and where system security was found not adequate corrective measures were implemented with the help of OPF tool .

It is however, well known that the static AC load flow to evaluate the contingencies is inadequate as it fails to capture the dynamic behaviour nature of the power system equipments and its controllers. A more appropriate method of security assessment is through Transient Stability analysis using real time state estimation output.  Further a transient stability analysis can also evaluate functioning of protective devices , remedial measures accurately and equip the operator with better understanding and response, help in better design of protection systems, better planning and design for remedial measures. The next section provides a over view of PowerApps’s solution concentrating more on Transient stability simulation tool.

2.0 Over view of PowerApps’s Dynamic Security Assessment Tool

over view of real time assessment tool

Figure shows the over view of PowerApps’s Dynamic Security Assessment solution. The overview is confined only to Transient Stability Solution in this document. The state estimation output from the existing EMS is taken as input to the Transient Stability Analysis. As EMS database does not have other data such as the generator data, AVR, Governor data needed for a Transient stability data, these are stored separately in another input database. The contingency events and remedial measures that needs to be evaluated are stored in the third database. A data conversion tool from PowerApps will convert all these three inputs into a common data format needed by the Transient Stability Algorithm of PowerApps software. This software is scheduled to execute periodically by the EMS executive system or if needed whenever operator requests transient stability simulation. TSA will then execute based on most recent state estimation output and evaluate each and every listed contingencies and corresponding remedial and protection function evaluation. The results of the TSA are stored in output databases which can be reviewed by the operator. Operators can alter the contingency lists , remedial measures and arrive at strategy of how particular contingencies should be handled to ensure security of the system.

3.0 Other Security Assessment Solutions from PowerApps

Apart from the Transient Stability Simulation of the section 2.0, PowerApps also has Voltage Stability Assessment tool and Optimal power flow solutions to determine remedial actions against static operating limit violations, system improvement solutions.  The following diagram shows the overview of complete security assessment and remedial action solution from PowerApps.

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