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PowerApps Modules for Training Simualtors

The electric grid system operation is monitored and controlled at a centralized control center commonly called load dispatch center or energy control center. Continuous process industries and power plants may also have SCADA systems to monitor the various process parameters and control the same including large power plants along with their auxiliaries.

In general, where closed loop control is not available or used, the real time measured and monitored variables will be displayed on the operator's or dispatcher's console along with alaram for the operator to take action and to initiate the control process.

The operators may also have benefit of several calculations , analysis performed on the real time measured data [for example the State Estimation in an EMS] and tools to aid their decision taking process [for example optimal power flow]

Generally depending on the complexity of the process being monitored several operator consoles may be used, each operator console displaying different portion of the process being monitored or different aspect of the process being monitored and examined by the operator.

Original SCADA/EMS vendors usually provide the training simulators along with their SCADA/EMS solutions modeling the customer's plant process or the electrical network or both. The system will idealy have a instructor control that can assign a given operator's console as a trainee console without the knowledge of the operator. The real time measurements received by the trainee console can be changed from the measurements of the an actual process plant/network to the measurements obtained from a "simulator" of the plant/network. The trainee will not be aware that his console is receiving the measurements from the "simulator" rather than from the real plant/network.

Without the knowledge of the trainee, instructor can now simulate the events in the "simulator" and the results of the same will be displayed on the trainee console. The operator/trainee will now respond to these events which are intercepted by the instructor and implemented in the "simulator" model rather than in real plant/network system. Such a training session will have all elements of real time response situation.

At the end of the session, the instructor can discuss the training session with the operator/trainee with the record of simulation stored and trainee/operator's response.

PowerApps provide many interface facilities for such training simulation and also  the simulation modules needed for such Dispatcher/Operator Training simulators. The solution provided by PowerApps can be customized to meet specific client requirements.

Scheme of Operator/Dispatcher Training Simulator Arrangement

Arrangement of Training Simulator in a SCADA/EMS center
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