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Power Plant Electrical Network Design, Analysis, Protection and Control

The electrical network of a typical thermal power plant consists of the following components

Typically power plants will function 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to provide continuous power to meet the electricity demand [as this power cannot be stored and retrieved]. For proper functioning of the power plant, the plant auxiliary system needs to function reliably without any loss of power and a reliable electrical distribution network is a must. The design of the power plant auxiliary system is usually typically same as this art has been perfected over a long period.

The power generated by the electrical generator is typically stepped up to the higher kV level for power evacuation to the external transmission system. The interconnection between the generator and the stepup transformer is by an isolated bus duct.  A unit auxiliary transformer [UAT] is connected to the generator terminal to feed plant auxiliary loads. There is another station start up transformer which is normally not connected to the plant auxiliary loads under running conditions but is used for purpose of the start up of the plant, when the generator is not yet started. This start up transformer is connected between the external transmission grid and the plant auxiliaries.

Apart from detailed engineering services, the major power system studies for the power plant distribution network are,

Frequency Control Engineering for Power Plants
Power Plant Auxiliary Substation Design

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