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1 Introduction

This document provides the general data requirements for power system studies. For specific system studies additional information may be needed and the same will be sought by the consultants. Some of the requirements specified may not be needed for all the studies.

2 General Requirements

  1. Description of the system for which the electrical system studies are needed
  2. Description of the system study objectives
  3. Complete single line diagram of the system, showing generators, loads, transformers, cables, overhead lines, shunt capacitors, shunt reactors, series capacitors, series reactors, motors, SVC’s, HVDC elements, Breakers, relays, CT’s, PT’s, Isolators and any other relevant critical circuit elements.
  4. Clear identification of the existing and proposed system modifications if any, on the single line diagrams.
  5. Technical Datasheets of the generators, AVR, Speed Governor, Prime Mover. The data sheets for generator controllers should be suitable for transient and dynamic stability simulations. V/F capability curves, negative sequence current withstand capability curves, description of various protections.
  6. Technical data sheets for transformers along with the thermal withstand capability curves, V/F capability curves.
  7. Technical data sheets for HT motors with no load and blocked rotor test results and motor characteristics (performance curves supplied by the manufacturer). Motor starting method and starting time.
  8. Technical data sheets, catalogues, application guides for protective relays
  9. Plant operating philosophy for various operating conditions (peak demand, minimum demand, with or without grid support, during maintenance/ equipment outage conditions) along with bus-wise generation and load details.
  10. Details of the cables, over head lines, there impedance parameters, length, number of runs
  11. Technical data sheets for shunt capacitors, shunt reactors, SVC’s, harmonic filters, series capacitors, series reactors

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