PowerApps software product is a Proprietary Property of Dr.Raghunatha Ramaswamy. No company with whom Dr.Raghunatha Ramaswamy was associated in the past either as consultant or as an employee do not own the proprietary property for this software.
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  1. About Us
  2. Our Clients
  3. Over view of Our Services
  4. Transmission Companies for Design, Short and Long Term Planning Studies
  5. Distribution Companies for Design, Short and Long Term planning Studies
  6. Generation companies for plant specific Power Evacuation Studies, including stability studies
  7. Industrial systems and continuous process industries for engineering design, protection and operational planning
  8. Power Plants, for design , protection, parallel operation and operational planning
  9. Regulatory commissions for evaluating various issues associated with deregulated market
  10. Academic institutions for software tools and training as an aid to class room and laboratory teaching
  11. Research and Development organizations for development of new products and solutions
  12. Major consulting, Engineering and, EPC companies, in need of specialized support in power system consulting, studies, training and resources
  13. Major commercial projects such as hospitals, hotels, malls, Ware houses, Ship yards, Air ports, Railways requiring engineering support, design and consulting
  14. Large Industrial and utility systems looking for Annual Maintenance Contract of their protection system
  15. Training centers/institutions, companies, institutions, looking for specialized training in power system engineering and studies
  16. Load Dispatch Centers requiring specialized software solutions and training associated with real time applications and control
  17. Software support and services to OEM's involved with SCADA, EMS, Operator Training Simulators, Dispatcher Training simulator
  18. General GUI, Database, HMI, Web, MIS, software support and services in Power and Energy Sector
  19. Project management, project engineering, Resource support in power and energy sector
  20. PowerApps - A suite of Power System Analysis software
  21. Power System Studies, Analysis, Consulting and Engineering services in Transmission and Distribution
  22. Software Services in the area of Power System Studies/Analysis for off-line as well as real time applications
  23. Multi Disciplinary Detailed/Basic Engineering Services in the Power and Process Plants
  24. PowerApps Calculation Engine
  25. PowerApps Certificates and Validation Documents
  26. Profile of the Chief Architect of PowerApps
  27. Contact Us / Enquiry Page
  28. Site Map Link
  29. Invitation to Partners and Associates

PowerApps.org Site Map

 PowerApps Software Analysis Modules


 System Studies, Power System Analysis, Transmission and Distribution Planning

 Software Services in the area of Power System Studies/Analysis

 Multi Disciplinary Detailed/Basic Engineering Services in the Power and Process Plants

 Training in Power System Analysis and Studies

Mail your questions, enquiries to raghunatha@powerapps.org