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Optimal Power Flow Algorithm Description[Right click to Save As]
Optimal Power Flow Algorithm Description Download
Convergence Characteristics of the PowerApps Optimal Power Flow[OPF]

Reactive Power Optimization[RPO], Optimal Power Flow [OPF], Economic Dispatch[ED], Available Transfer Capability [ATC] Calculations

The power flow solution calculates power flows and determines bus voltages at an operating point for a given network configuration and generation and load specifications. However, it is left to the engineering judgement of the system planner to determine optimum way of system operation considering

- Operating objectives

- Operating constraints [Commercial and Security Constraints] and

- Equipment capability constraints.

Such an exercise using load flow tool is very tedious and time consuming for a practical power system with large number of operating controls and constraints.

A properly designed optimal power flow [OPF] solution provides the best and most optimum practical solution to achieve improvement in a single or multiple hierarchical objectives while respecting various constraints on the system operation. An OPF can determine the most effective subset of controls and their solution for a given operating condition to improve the specified objectives. OPF can consider different objectives for improvement such as transmission loss minimization, voltage stability improvement and minimization of system operating cost.

OPF/RPO analysis module of PowerApps is based on the Primal-dual LP programming approach and has the following features:

Convergence Characteristics of the PowerApps Optimal Power Flow[OPF]

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