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List of Power System Studies.

Power System Planning


The following gives an outline of the general procedure for planning.


Planning process for Transmission Grid Network


  1. Long term Demand Forecast based on growth rate of various consumer categories
  2. Identification of past, present and future growth rates – performed considering various geographical areas, network administrative and control areas
  3. Listing various options for new substations, generations, transmission, sub-transmission and time frames. Estimating design values for technical evaluation.
  4. Power Evacuation Studies for listed options and techno – commercial evaluation for each option considering various operating scenarios.
  5. Recommendations
  6. Re evaluation during project implementation considering actual implementation stages, data and scenarios
  7. Techno commercial evaluation may consider constraints of deregulated market.


Planning process for MV/LV Distribution Network


  1. Geographical growth identification over a time frame for each distribution substation
  2. Listing options for new distribution substations if any and evaluation of the same
  3. Identification of various power supply routes from substations considering type of consumers, voltage level of power supply.
  4. Techno – commercial evaluation for various options and recommendations


Planning and Design Process for Industrial Distribution Network


  1. Identification of various process/plant loads
  2. Identification of various generation sources CPP, Grid, combination of  CPP and Grid
  3. Designing schemes for power evacuation to loads considering operational plans, constraints
  4. Distribution Network Routing, design
  5. System studies to check the adequacy of the plans.



Various studies may be performed to follow the above outline. For a list of various studies that may be followed please check the following link

Power System Studies.


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