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Power System Stabilizer Applications

The dynamic stability of a system can be improved by providing suitably tuned power system stabilizers on selected generators to provide damping to critical oscillatory modes. Suitably tuned Power System Stabilizers (PSS), will introduce a component of electrical torque in phase with generator rotor speed deviations resulting in damping of low frequency power oscillations in which the generators are participating. The input to stabilizer signal may be one of the locally available signal such as changes in rotor speed, rotor frequency, accelerating power or any other suitable signal. This stabilizing signal is compensated for phase and gain to result in adequate component of electrical torque that results in damping of rotor oscillations and thereby enhance power transmission and generation capabilities. State-space techniques described under Dynamic Stability Studies or classical control theory such as Bode plots, root locus techniques can be used to determine suitable parameters for power system stabilizers.The design can then be verified with a transient stability analysis for practical system disturbances.

A Typical Control Schematic Diagram of Power System Stabilizer

Power System Stabilizer Control Block Diagram 

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