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Power System Studies/Power System Analysis/Engineering

Power System Studies refers to the study of power evacuation from generation to loads, under control, protection and supervision; and under normal or contingency conditions; under various expected operation scenarios; capturing the behaviour of the electrical network, its elements, its control, protection and their response under different time frames, spanning few a micro seconds to several hours or even years of time.

These studies may also be classified as Static, Dynamic or Transient, depending on the mathematical models used in analysis and the time frame of examination of the behavior of the power system under consideration.

The nature of the studies and their objectives may vary for different types of electrical network [or power systems] and the problems being analyzed, with possible different criteria. Thus a study for a transmission system , a distribution system or an Industrial network may not all have identical perspective, even though the type of analysis modules used in analyzing them are same.

These studies may fulfil the objectives of system planning, system design, system protection and control, developing system operation strategies,  commercial and technical evaluation and feasibility studies, solutions for problems faced during system operation.

These studies are pre-requisites for any new system, for any new renovation, modernization and expansion plans, and also for existing systems for arriving at solution for problems faced in the operation.

As a rule, it is mandatory to perform the power system studies, where interconnection of two different systems are proposed. For example, interconnection of a industrial load to a distribution company, requires that standard set of studies to be performed, typically covering, the load flow, short circuit, relay coordination, harmonic analysis , motor startig studies and stability studies as applicable.

List of Power System Studies/Analysis

The power system study group have performed widest possible range of power system studies as follows. The studies cover planning, engineering, economic aspects of power system, design, operation, control and protection and uses appropriate static, dynamic or transient study models for power systems.

Data Needed for Power System Studies

A Kalkitech Case Study for Industrial Power System Studies

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