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Energy Transactions in De-Regulated Market

Services to Regulatory Commissions

The present deregulated market environment in India has separated the business functions related to transmission, generation and distribution. Consequently issues that were not present in the in the past in managing and accounting above functions have surfaced with a plethora of problems and approximate solutions. Some of the important issues are:

Most of the factors indicated in this section need plain load flow analytical tool (load flow studies) to provide solution at the present time based on accepted system data. Some of the factors need continuous monitoring, recording and evaluation of energy transactions. Additional information that may be needed are financial aspects of investment (capital cost), depreciation charges, O&M charges and other establishment charges of a utility company.

The best and most justifiable pricing policy guidelines according to us are:

Earlier, transmission pricing was uniform without regard to above factors on usage.

It will be difficult to any consultant to address all the issues and to arrive at satisfactory solution acceptable to all parties involved. Our experience is that no matter, how much we trust our solutions and wisdom, there will always be a differing view from the other quarters. We therefore will act in the best interest of our clients on any issues raised by statutory regulatory bodies by performing needed technical analysis based on available information. These technical analyses primarily use load flow solutions and other technical solutions may also be needed depending on the issues that may arise. On any issues for which a client may need solution, we will study the applicable central and state grid code, tariff orders, electricity acts and will provide essential technical support to our clients.

Energy Audit Services

Many utilities in India do not have adequate and reliable metering facilities for all their consumers. Often this has resulted in erroneous estimations in the following:

In addition there is a need to identify erroneous meters and plug holes in revenues. To meet the objectives stated it becomes necessary to provide comprehensive metering and analysis of the metered data through efficient computerization. Computer analysis using technical analysis tools and other suitable commercial analysis can indicate errors if any in metering, billing and other aspects if any. This information can be used to take corrective and preventive actions by a utility

Services to Regulatory Commissions
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