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EMTP and Line Constants (LC)

The features of EMTP and Line Constants Program given below are similar to a program developed by M/s Microtran Power System Analysis Corporation, with the exception that available software will not handle Power Electronics Circuits, ideal transformers and rotating machines. Details of EMTP and Line constant features, the technical documents, user documents and a free student limited edition of the Microtran software can be down loaded from the web site http://www.microtran.com.

General Features of EMTP and LC

Switching Transient Studies

These studies are generally performed to assess the transients associated with:

Insulation Coordination

Insulation Coordination is the process of determining the proper insulation levels of various components in a power system as well as their arrangements. It is the selection of an insulation structure that will withstand voltage stresses to which the system or equipment will be subjected to, together with the proper surge arrester. The process is determined from the known characteristics of voltage surges and the characteristics of surge arresters.

The following standards are used by the consultants, while performing the insulation coordination:

Summary of Application of EMTP Studies*

EMTP is used world-wide for switching and lightning surge analysis, insulation coordination and shaft torsional oscillation studies, protective relay modeling, harmonic and power quality studies, HVDC and FACTS modeling. Typical EMTP studies are:

* Source: ATP - EMTP User Manual.

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