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Network Topology Processor

PowerApps Network Topology Processor is the base module in constructing the network model for most calculation engines that requires the Network Model. Basically this module reads the complete system data and performs the following functions

  1. It performs the station level topology processing to identify the number of electrical buses within each station, based on breaker/switch open/close status. For more information read PowerApps Station, Node, Breaker Scheme.
  2. It assigns equivalent buses based on step 1.
  3. It assigns buses to loads, generation, shunt elements, series elements, and determines bus types based on the elements connected to the individual nodes of the station and their effective bus
  4. It performs system level connectivity and island identification based on the series element connectivity information
  5. It identifies the slack bus in each network island
  6. It performs the network model build up. First at individual circuit, shunt, series element level, Next at system level, by constructing the positive , negative and zero sequence network models for use by various analysis that requires the network model.

Once the network model is built up as explained, Various analysis will be performed simultaneously on all network islands, as specified by the users in the batch mode and repors are stored both in text format [ASCII] and in Access MDB formats for later use for reporting. Typically the first analysis program will always be a load flow solution, followed by other analysis programs that use this load flow solution as initial conditions. In some cases [for example short circuit calculations, or harmonic driving point impedance calculations], a load flow intial conditions may or may not be done.

Modules such as energy demand forecast, do not need this network topology processor as the preliminary step.

Typical output of Network Topology Processor consists of the following

  1. Effective Electrical bus list and their network island numbers
  2. Slack bus identification within each network islands
  3. Individual circuit element wise network admittance model on a common system base
  4. System wide Network Model in positive, negative and 0 sequence domain.

Note: ** The Network Topology Processor algorithm is suitable for real time applications and has been implemented as part of Energy Management System and for Real Time Dynamic Secuirty Assessment in load dispatch centers, by OEM EMS solution provider. Also Refer

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