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Engineering and Power System Study Services to Industrial/Commercial Systems

Industrial systems can be very small to very large in size with electricity demands ranging from few MW to few hundred MW. Typical of continuous process industries are , cement, paper, steel, petro-chemicals, oil and gas, metal industries, refineries, automobile industries, fertilizers, textiles, food processing units and many more. In almost most cases motor loads are major portion of the industrial systems and in many other cases non-linear loads form a major portion of the industrial loads. Power electronics applications for controlling the process loads and for controlling reactive power demand are common in many of the industrial loads. A typical system design begins with collection of load list in each of the process plants and designing individual cables, feeders, power control centers, motor control centers, HT panels, instrumentation, protection and control etc. It is typical that most industrial distribution network are designed to be radial, with some time redundant supply arrangements [the incomers to panels that supply loads] through bus coupling arrangements. Many industries have their own captive power plants which provide whole or partial generation power needed for the industrial plant load. In some cases the industrial process produce “waste” energy needed for running AC generators that can be used to establish a captive power plant. It is also common for the industrial units to operate in parallel with the electricity supply grid and import/export power depending on the needs and contract between the plant and the electricity supply company.

The following factors/aspects/services may have to be considered in engineering services for the industrial systems

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