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Basic and Detailed Engineering Services

The consultants over a period of time have won the confidence of the client firms resulting in several mutually beneficial engineering services between the consultants and among client companies. Consequently, the consultants have arrived at specific arrangement with the client companies for offering multi-disciplinary engineering services. These engineering services covers wide range of basic and detailed engineering services in Electrical, Instrumentation, Civil, Mechanical, Piping, Boilers, Inspection services etc. These services are offered generally in collaboration with other engineering companies, with whom the consultants have specific understanding.

Basic and Detailed Electrical Engineering

·        Consulting

·        Planning

·        Detailed engineering and purchase specifications

·        Procurement assistance

·        Project as well as Site Management

·        On-Site Engineering Services

·        Commissioning Supervision

·        Renovation & Modernization Studies

·        Failure Analysis

·        Safety Engineering

·        Environmental Engineering

·        Plant Residual Life Assessment

·        Technical Advisory and Energy Audit

·        Transmission/Distribution/Industrial network planning studies

·        Pre-feasibility, feasibility and detailed project reports

·        Automation & Control


Electrical / Instrumentation Engineering Design

·        Conceptual System Studies and Detailed Engineering

·        Switchyards and HT/LT Substations

·        Switchgear, MCC Panel, Distribution boards design

·        Main and Auxiliary Power Distribution, Switchgear and Lighting. 

·        Electrical Schemes and Single Line Diagrams

·        Electrical power, transmission and distribution lines. 

·        Substations, Motor control centers. 

·        Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)            

·        Industrial Process Control Lighting and illumination system 

·        Earthing and lightning protection systems 

·        Fire alarm system 

·        Power and control cable design and layout 

·        Sizing and Selection of Electrical Equipment/Cables, Protection Schemes, Relay Coordination

·        Field installation drawings

·        Communication system

·        Instrumentation Engineering

·        Preparation of specifications and schedule of quantities

·        Short Circuit Specifications

·        Power System Studies

·        Insulation Coordination


PLC systems

·        System engineering 

·        Engineering and procurement specifications 

·        System programming and configuration 

·        Logic development 

·        Control panel 

·        Configuration of displays 

·        History data base, logging and management formation reports 

·        HMI and SCADA workstations configuration, programming and integration


Mail your questions, enquiries to raghunatha@powerapps.org