Annual Maintenance Contract of Protection Systems

Many utilities have complex electrical network and various types of protection. Further, the protective relays are provided by various manufacturers with different type of interfaces in respect of their relays. It is also common that in many plants electromechanical relays co-exist with digital numerical relays of different brands and make. Further, the setting ranges and manufacturer's specific parameters of different make of relays can vary, even though, they are designed for similar protection functions. The protection setting calculations, relay testing and commissioning, needs a detailed understanding of the electrical system and its operation, relay setting calculation and coordination principles, familiarity with various brand and type of relays, ability to interpret complex manufacter's guide lines [manuals, application gudies]. Further, the protection engineers in the operation and maintenance division of the plants may leave their employment from the plant and the plant owners will need consistent support in protection setting calculation, coordination, implementation and maintenance. We offer annual maintenance contracts to the plants in this respect, initially starting from a detailed protection system study. Subsequently, we undertake implementation of the relay settings and undertake testing and commissioning as needed. In the event, the plant experiences any problems due to inadvertent and/or mal-operation of protective relays, we provide trouble shooting services related to relay setting modifications, implementation and subsequent maintenance during the AMC period.